Alessandro Dell'Acqua is an Italian fashion designer with a worldwide reputation and a creator of high-fashion collections, as well as of a couple of fashion brands producing clothing for men and women, among which there is his modern brand No.21(Alessandro Dell'Acqua). He collaborates with famous clients and Italian fashion houses.

Life and career before founding No.21

The Neapolitan School of Art, which the young genius of the modern high fashion has successfully graduated from, gave him an excellent education, however, immediately after the graduation Dell'Acqua entered the Academy of Fine Arts. Thus, taken a degree, he became a real professional. During the studying at the Academy, he was studying the characteristics of fabrics at a sewing factory at the same time and was working at some Italian companies such as Marzotto company, which motto was «Weave the Future!». During more than one hundred and fifty years, this organization has been promoting young designers, and Alessandro Dell'Acqua was one of the "discoveries" of this company.

His first collection of ready-to-wear Alessandro had released in 1996, long before he founded his modern brand No.21. Before he released that first collection, he had been working for his new employer for many years - the giant company on Italian fashion market, "Genny". This cooperation has become some kind of a ticket to a new life: having such an important experience, he could easily scale the new heights in design profession, and that was exactly what the Italian fashion designer made. After the haute couture catwalk, Alessandro got down to the menswear line, which was shown in Florence in 1998.

The early 2000s signified for Alessandro Dell'Acqua the work on a line of fashionable footwear for women. Now in his arsenal there were all the necessary collections and he became a real star of Italian fashion, which already had a huge number of talented designers. At the same time, submitting to the latest trends, Alessandro began to create perfumes. One after another, there appeared new perfumes for both women and men. But in 2004, the designer returned to footwear and created a memorable collection of men's shoes.

In the middle of 2000s, he became the best fashion designer of women's clothes, as well as the best fashion designer, who created the most modern women's clothes and accessories. In 2003, Alessandro Dell'Acqua started cooperation with Redwall Group, and soon got into the group of directors, which indicates the highest recognition of his talent.

"My thoughts are well organized, so I can easily go from a very bourgeois Italian woman of Brioni to my client, who is much younger and sexier" - admitted Alessandro Dell'Acqua in his interview with the W mag magazine.

In 2009, the collection created by Alessandro was demonstrated under a different label - Malo, which is engaged in luxury clothing production. So, the designer came back to the point, where he had started his career - to the high-fashion, to art in its brightest manifestations. However, by June of the same year it became known that the men's and women's collection 2010 would be designed without his participation already. But, at the same time, the designer himself produced his own collection called "No.21". He believed that clothing and accessories should always emphasize the attractiveness, inconstancy and sexuality of a woman, and manhood, independence and confidence of men.

Accessories in collections of the brand No.21 combine a sensual determination, soft and elegant forms - there is a tangible influence of classic combined with modern daring motifs.

Karen walker, a bottle with its cap

Human is a social creature, means that they need a partner to help and share each other's burden in life whether as a friend or life partner or a little bit of both. Karen walker( click here ) is really lucky to have someone in her life not only as her best friend but also as her life mate. She has been happily married for more than two decades with her husband, Mikhail Gherman. Just like any ordinary marriage life, her marriage life has its own up and down. There's a time the couple argues but there's also a time the couple relaxes and enjoys their tea together. 

Mikhail Gherman or mostly known as Mikhail isn't only Karen walker's other half but also her co-partner and owner of her fashion business. She describes Mikhail as a creative genius while she is intellectually a genius. They felt this chemistry from the moment they met each other about 20 years ago when she was still 17 and he was 21. Up until now, they fill each other's weaknesses and help one another, but there's also a time when they both fight like cat and dog. If that happened, mostly, Designer Karen Walker will sit impassively and let Mikhail do the talking. It can be interpreted as Mikhail become controlling and Karen being, a bit aloof, like her chowchow dog, Turkey.

Unlike her blunt, cautious and very serious attitude, her husband is sensitive and obsessive. Mikhail has the delicate and artistic temperament (AKA a little bit eccentric). He means art like he means business and always knows how to come out with creative ideas. Mostly he gets his ideas about art from his surroundings. For example, there was a time when he went to a funeral and saw really cool guys with their Dolce and Gabbana sunglasses with their tears falling down. That image stayed for a long time in his brain and he re-created that image into creative ideas for the autumn campaign. Just like Karen walker often says, Mikhail is truly a creative genius man. 

Even though Mikhail is a creative genius person, he is also a forgetful one. There are many times he loses his keys and locked out of his workroom which he always blames Karen for the lost of his keys. Those are just one of the things they mostly fight about, but they never fight about trivia things like putting out the rubbish or who left the socks on the floor. Karen walker tells the reason why. She says that it's always Mikhail's socks (they both have different kind of socks) that scatter on the floor. It's so obvious that they don't have to have an argument about whose socks are that.

No marriage couple is perfect and that also applies to Karen walker's marriage life. Both Mikhail and Karen might have their own weaknesses, but by focusing on the positive things that each other has, their marriage stays a very long time up until now. Now, the couple had been blessed by the presence of a daughter and that makes their happiness even fuller. If it is illustrated, Mikhail and Karen are just like a bottle with its cap. Perfectly match for each other and need one another. 

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